Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop

Covers Every Corner

Ever wished to come home to a clean house after a busy day? Dream no more with Dreame Self-clean Mop & Vacuum. The self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner & mop help ease the challenges, especially with our busy schedules. Builds a high-precision map using LiDAR Navigation, it cleans in neat rows to ensure no spots are missed.

It offers strong suction power to vacuums and mops in order to tackle dirt and stubborn stains at the same time. When the pads get dirty, it automatically returns to the dock to scrub and even self-clean. Thanks to its A.I. precision, the cleaner makes no stone or, in this case, corners untouched. We offer a slew of A. I vacuum cleaners which get your home shiny without you even lifting a finger, they include:

Buy your very own personal robot cleaner and watch every inch of your home sparkle!

DreameBot D10 Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop


Cleans away for 45 days.

45 days* of hands-off cleaning
High-performance LiDAR navigation
Hair-raising vacuuming
Cleans at your command
RM2,019.00 RM2,399.00

Dreame Bot W10 Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum and Mop

DE100017 + DEAC100002-W10/W10 PRO

Cleans, mops, and cleans mops.

Automatically cleans the used mops.
Dries the mops after cleaning.
4,000Pa strong suction.
Two large water tanks of 1.06gal.
Advanced avoidance and app control.

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop


Get it all done, once every 65 days.

The dust tank will be emptied after cleaning.
1gal sealed dust bag holds up to 65 days of dust and debris.
LiDAR system Intelligently plans systematic paths.
High precision 3D scanners ingeniously avoid household clutter.

Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum and Mop


Powerful cleaning, plotted and planned.

Automatically boosts up to max suction while detecting carpets.
SLAM system generates a map of its surroundings even in the dark.
Removes the dirt or stains simultaneously.
Partition rooms and set customized cleaning on the app.
RM1,399.00 RM1,599.00

Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Powerful and Intelligent Spotlessly Clean

Pioneer 2.0 Optical Visual Navigation
2500Pa Suction Force with Smart Carpet Detection
Sweeping and Mopping
RM899.00 RM1,299.00

Dreame Bot D9 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop


Mops, with extra care

LiDAR navigation system
4,000PA suction
150 minutes run-time
Large dust tank and water tank capacity
RM1,459.00 RM1,799.00

Dreame W10 Pro Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum and Mop

DE100019 + DEAC100002-W10/W10 PRO

Smart A.I. Cleaning, Covers Every Corner

Automatically Cleans the Used Mops
Advance Obstacle Avoidance with AI Action
4,000Pa Suction with 19.2cm Ultra-wide Brush
4.5L Super-large Clean Water and 4L Waste Tank
LDS + AI Action Technology